Usual plant as a textile?


Is it soft or spiky ? What is it?


Usual russian plant was one of the main textile materials since middle ages.

People used it for working robes, home textile, bags and carpets.


Character of Anderson`s fairytale weave shirts for her brothers from urtica to cure them from the curse and become people again (they were swans).


It is widely spoken that urtica clothers can help people to prevent illnesses, protect from static electricity, and lift spirits. May be it can be heard sa something not real but floral "memory"  has a very important impact on people. Natural fibers adapt to the temperature of environment and absorb  unnecessary water and breathe the air like a plant on the field.


Now designers use lots of tupes of Urtica for their clothers. For example, chinese RAMI fot thery thin breathable summer fabrics.

My collections of summer dresses and classic shirts are made from it.


Main propreties of URTICA FABRICS :

⁃ It is very soft material with lustrous surface

⁃ It has a healing effect on skin

⁃ Absorb extra water and sweet

⁃ Have antibacterial effect